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Culture: Fireworks
Firework Clouds   (+4)  [vote for, against]
High altitude daytime fireworks, producing whimsically shaped contrails

Anyone who has seen a fireworks display on a humid night knows they leave behind copious trails of cloud that often obscure the display itself. And everyone has seen the contrails produced by aeroplanes flying in the cloud layer.

Today, as I was watching rabbits, a man on a bicycle, a submarine, and the logo for pass by as clouds, more or less, I was thinking that I had never seen a cloud in the shape of the letter B. Or a London double decker bus. Or Texas. And that's a something of a shame.

To address this, we can use high altitude bottle rockets, designed for the shape of the contrail they leave behind in the cloud layer. We could do all sorts of things, even, on windy - at high altitude - days, cloud puppet plays, with successive clouds acting out the plot.

I suspect it would get over-used for advertising, for example producing a giant bottle of Budweiser over a summer beach, or asking Jane to marry me, so we will veto such banal applications up front.
-- DrCurry, Jan 31 2004

You want Jane to marry you ? Is this the same Jane I was so smitten with in the 7th grade ? Please, ask her to call me.
-- normzone, Jan 31 2004

what were the rabbits doing? just asking.
-- po, Feb 01 2004

normzone: Only if you promise not to propose to her with a cloud message.
po: Chasing each other. You have a one-tracked mind.
-- DrCurry, Feb 01 2004

sorry, I really read that as *real* rabbits...
-- po, Feb 01 2004

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