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Firing firearms prevention extinguisher accessory   (+2, -3)  [vote for, against]
Grind white powder and pour it out in front of your weapon: Only you can prevent gunfire

We did some fire extinguisher training recently at my place of business, and I was truly impressed by the volume of opaque cloud generated by a properly discharged fire extinguisher.

You can purchase all manner of accessories to bolt on to a firearm - optics, laser sighting devices, flashlights.

I propose a small cannister of the same materials that fire extinguishers contain, highly pressurized to discharge in a moment at the touch of a button.

If you can blind your opponent in this manner, you may be able to avoid the need to shoot him. If he flees, identifying him shouldn't be too difficult.
-- normzone, Dec 30 2009

since you're not actually putting out fires, why call it a "fire extinguisher accessory" ?
-- FlyingToaster, Dec 30 2009

Edits in process. The marketing department was eliminated in the last round of layoffs. The floor is open for suggestions for catchy product names.
-- normzone, Dec 30 2009

Title edited - I wonder how often a fire extinguisher has been used in an offensive or defensive manner. I checked youtube - lots of kids playing with them. The initial spray is the most powerful, once you start turning them on and off it's not that impressive.
-- normzone, May 01 2011

How did he get shot? "well, officer, I was trying to put out this fire and..."
-- DIYMatt, May 02 2011

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