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Fish Tank PoliceBot   (+13, -2)  [vote for, against]
Crowd Control for Fish Tanks

Whilst at a friend’s house the other night, I noticed how bigger fish in their fish tank bullied smaller fish out of the way and generally caused the smaller fish grief. I have come up with a solution – The Fish tank policebot. A small remote controlled submersible, which you can pilot around the tank and break up any fighting and bullying. A small blue LED flashes when on “patrol”. A bubble gun is attached should the fish get nasty. The gun releases a stream of bubbles to deter any aggressive behaviour. It will make your fish tank interactive and you can spend hours ‘on patrol’.

“Keep ya fins where I can see em, your going down Mr Goldfish!”
-- S-note, Jul 05 2007


Fish 1)"what was that thing?"

Fish 2)"I can't remember"
-- skinflaps, Jul 05 2007

"Hey you's small fry better pay up or you'll be sleeping with the mammals".

My friend had a box fish (which is evidence that god/nature has a sense of humour) with a big square head, pointed snout, three comedy teeth and tiny flippers. It used to swim at about 1cm/sec to the end of the tank where all the other fish were. When it was 5cm from them they would all swim to the other end of the tank in about 1 second, and the box fish would spend the next minute swimming to the other end. Anything that gets caught by a box fish deserves to get eaten.
-- marklar, Jul 05 2007

Taken from Wikipedia

"Boxfish generally are very personable fish yet are poorly suited for the home aquaria. They are not thought of as an ordinary aquarium tank mate, but are quickly gaining popularity. They do pose a hazard in the community tank however. They are capable of releasing a very powerful toxin which can kill other fish and in some cases, the boxfish itself. They generally only use it when threatened or dying, but can become disturbed easily with aggressive tank mates or overcrowded aquarium. Generally boxfish are not reef safe."

Is this the first case of a Suicide Fish?

Maybe I should change the title to "Fish Tank Anti terroristBot"
-- S-note, Jul 05 2007


Stop or I'll cast!
-- 2 fries shy of a happy meal, Jul 05 2007

The Old Gill.
-- hippo, Jul 05 2007

The Scales of Justice...

Does the PoliceBot report to a Detective Sturgeon?

Anyhow, it should come in handy for catching eel-doers.

-- imaginality, Jul 05 2007

"Tony? He's pushing down daisies."
-- shapu, Jul 05 2007

Thats enough of the fish gags, no need to keep carping on about it
-- S-note, Jul 06 2007

If there's significant bullying going on in the tank, you've picked your fish badly.
-- squeak, Jul 06 2007

So it has AI? And the potential to becomer self aware and become evil? [+]
-- evilpenguin, Jul 07 2007

My freediving buddy and I have talked of a freediver variation on this theme, where one could remotely pilot a minature diver and spear gun in a tank on those days when the sea is too rough to go out. But spearing is rather terminal.
-- normzone, Jan 08 2009

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