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Halfbakery: Culture
Fishbone image generator   (+16, -18)  [vote for, against]
Interactive art

A select group of individuals combine the power of their computers to create a small group of fishbones available for all to view
-- normzone, Dec 22 2003

Dem bones, dem bones http://www.danhelle...ish-bones01-big.jpg
[normzone, Jun 30 2009]

Fishbone Magnet A real idea (not like this one) [-] [pashute, Mar 17 2011]

-- DrBob, Dec 22 2003

-- Shz, Dec 22 2003

Ooh, ooh, our powers have combined!!
-- k_sra, Dec 22 2003

<insert Power Rangers theme here>
-- Letsbuildafort, Dec 22 2003

It's the world's first self-baking idea. Now post a croissant generator.
-- kropotkin, Dec 22 2003

I confess, as a HB newbie I have not the nerve to do that.....this idea I was pretty certain would live up to expectations
-- normzone, Dec 22 2003

I don't know whether I should just leave this idea stranded at the centremost point of the fishbone-croissant continuum, or whether I should combine the power of my computer with the power of the other two computers, computers whose amalgamated processing power has been so cruelly cancelled out by the bun beatifying bureaucracy.
-- spiritualized, Dec 19 2004

I never thought that I could get the same sadistic pleasure from bunning as from fish-boning, but in this case the schadenfreude is exquisite.
-- spacemoggy, Dec 19 2004

Ok, I plead guilty to one count of gratuitous churning. I'm preparing metrics for an audit, and the tedium got the better of me.
-- normzone, Oct 21 2005

Damn newbies! Funny, I didn’t vote. Would you like a belated fishbone?
-- Shz, Oct 21 2005

Currently we're hung on the precipice 'twixt bones and bread.
-- normzone, Jul 15 2008

So as to avoid disturbing the // the precipice 'twixt bones and bread//, I first I gave it a bun, then I boned it, then I gave it a neutral. [+-_]
-- CwP, Jul 16 2008

in an attempt to mitigate the autoboner's influence I have bunned.
-- 4whom, Jul 16 2008

Only half a fishbone.
-- nineteenthly, Jul 16 2008

I don't believe it. Back to the balance again. Oh well, it was intended to be interactive art, and those kinds of things often have unintended consequences.
-- normzone, Jun 30 2009

-- nineteenthly, Jun 30 2009

"It's the world's first self-baking idea. Now post a croissant generator."

Surely a poisson generator..

I'll get me coat.
-- Twizz, Mar 17 2011

So, the autoboner is guilty of poisson distribution?
-- mouseposture, Mar 18 2011

I am not an autoboner, but I have observed a reasonable consistency in the ratio of buns to bones.

I'll call it my Poissons Ratio.

Coat - gone.
-- Twizz, Mar 18 2011

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