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Fishsaber   (+9, -8)  [vote for, against]
Relatively harmless lightsaber made from a fish

We won't have Lightsabers until hundreds of years into the future, but we can have fishsabers TODAY!
A long, thin fish would be best (maybe an eel?). It could be dried for stability and fitted with a handle, or used floppy if kept moist.
-- Jim, Jul 31 2000

The prototype Cruise Eel http://www.washingt...4800-2001Apr16.html
[angel, Jul 31 2000]

An electric eel, of course.
-- bookworm, Jul 31 2000

Will we do the fish-slapping dance while we hit people with them?
-- davros42, Sep 15 2000

Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hatred. Hatred leads to getting womped in the face with a mackerel.
-- Uncle Nutsy, Sep 15 2000

That was 'Killer'...a lot of fun, especially the booby traps. The banana was labeled in the picture as 'Chiquita Arms .45'...had to get within 3 feet of someone and yell 'BANG!' and they were dead. And you could get rid of the evidence by eating it...
-- StarChaser, Sep 16 2000

I like baked fish myself. Snow flake or tire track eels can be raised in home freshwater aquariums, they grow quite large and are not as dangerous to handle as a moray or electric [which tend to demagnetize the very things you don't want demagnetized] but nevertheless are slippery as, well, eels. How about an eelskin belt. That way you can have it as an inconspicuous sidearm and keep your trousers on. I find suspenders to be too unwieldy, though Jackie Chan [who by the way I suspect is Starchaser] may find a way to OWWWW! Gotta go-my girl-OWWW!-friend just hit me with a Walleyed Pike.
-- thumbwax, Sep 21 2000

I favor the dead chicken wielded by Man in Armor, myself. I'm 4'27" and caucasian, unlikely to be mistaken for Jackie Chan...
-- StarChaser, Sep 21 2000

The force is with you young anchovy....but you are not tuna yet!
-- dwp37, Jan 04 2001

will u pleeeeeeeze stop beating me with that pike?

---i feel violated
-- AHHHHHH, Aug 31 2001

How about a Tail o' Nine Cats? Makes one hell of a scary sound when you swing it around, and once the nine cats make contact with their target, you can imagine how all hell breaks loose.
-- Mojo, Feb 24 2002

In the realm of Reality: How about a fish shaped metal blade with scales, fins, gills, etc engraved in it. Something like this probably existed since the bronze age.
-- Knife Knut, Feb 15 2005

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