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Culture: Social Escape
Flammable Lipstick   (+6, -2)  [vote for, against]
For use only under adult supervision.

Sometimes, its just not enough to leave a scrawled message on his mirror.

Explain all his personality defects in a message in Flammable Lipstick across his bedroom wall. Especially effective when written, and lit, on a wallpapered wall.

Let him explain *that* to his next victim.
-- ConsulFlaminicus, Nov 02 2005

Would this go with self-sharpening pinking shears for His suits? (Mrs Bobbit's own patent, I understand)
-- Dub, Nov 03 2005

Forget ever putting that stuff on my lips when they're chapped.
-- Machiavelli, Nov 03 2005

Yes dear.
-- 2 fries shy of a happy meal, Nov 03 2005

She's a...

*duh* *duh*

21st century fox! Oh yeah!
-- daseva, Nov 03 2005

[dentworth], Don't mention it :)

[Unabubba], So I shouldn't indulge in flaming sambuccas when wearing lip balm? Is this warning on the lip balm label? Should I be taking my videocam to resort bars in the hope of catching this on film?
-- ConsulFlaminicus, Nov 03 2005

"but when we kiss, oooohh ... FIRE." XD
-- shernren, Nov 04 2005

GREAT ONE. Love it.
-- Pericles, Nov 04 2005

oops, sorry Consul, I hit the wrong button. I meant to delete the link, and then I was going to edit the anno, but it's gone forever. Hey, I like the flaming lipstick though.
-- dentworth, Nov 04 2005

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