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Fascicle Steak

Taking flank steak or for a seafood variety, batoid fin rays, then using an xacto knife and a needlenose pliers, strip out fascicles discretely, then trim to 10cm lengths.

Boil or sautee these delicate things, then cover with oil and garlic, chimichurri or whatever, and spin up on your fork, for a low carb pasta option with excellent mouthfeel.
-- mylodon, Dec 19 2014

So, thin-sliced roast beef then?
-- RayfordSteele, Dec 20 2014

Wy trimmed to 10cm?
-- pocmloc, Dec 20 2014

Facistii? 10cm a bit too short though. But doesn't explain 'spha...|'
-- not_morrison_rm, Dec 20 2014

//So, thin-sliced roast beef then?//

Not just thin, but also and at the same time narrow.

It makes sense to me. [+]
-- pertinax, Dec 20 2014

sooooo... string beef ?
-- FlyingToaster, Dec 20 2014

Sounds like it to me FT. Errrgh.
-- blissmiss, Dec 20 2014

Elvers are about as thin as thick spaghetti, need no painstaking preparation, and are delicious.
-- MaxwellBuchanan, Dec 20 2014

like pulled pork... wait, "pulled beef" is a thing.
-- FlyingToaster, Dec 20 2014

So are mealworms, [mb], but this idea specifies beef.
-- pocmloc, Dec 20 2014

But mealworms are far too short.
-- MaxwellBuchanan, Dec 20 2014

Unless you use meat glue.
-- mylodon, Dec 20 2014

I'm offended by this idea because it made me hungry.
-- Voice, Dec 21 2014

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