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Keeps clinch wrap usable

This is a strip added to the tear-off or slice-off edge of the plastic wrap dispenser box or wall unit. Powered by heat scavenged from the nearby stove-top, it adds a charge to the desired length of wrap that prevents it from adhereing to itself. The charge dissipates as the wrap is used normally. Thank god someone invented this!
-- minoradjustments, Oct 19 2023

Static Cling? https://www.thehapp...ontent/static-cling
Static charge doesn't MAKE it cling to itself, but would charging PREVENT it from sticking to itself? [a1, Oct 19 2023]

I bunned myself just to see if it was possible. Feel free to correct this ethical breach. Does anybody know the speed limit on the Autobone?
-- minoradjustments, Oct 19 2023

I'll have to think a bit more if ADDING a static charge will keep plastic film from sticking to itself. On first read I thought you meant to dissipate a charge, which wouldn't help. But charging it, like the leaves of an electroscope? Might work. How do you keep it from discharging as soon as you touch it?

[+] for forcing me to think.
-- a1, Oct 19 2023

Now I have a problem. If I remove the bun I put on my own entry all that is left is the correcting bone someone kindly entered in response to my request for correcting the self-bun. But is that fair? The only way I could find out if it was possible or ethical was to do it, and now all the bunning and boning is screwed up. Well, now I know. What I don’t know is why this seems important? Got any ideas?
-- minoradjustments, Oct 19 2023

Some people worry too much about the scoreboard. If it harms none, do what you will.

I gave this a [-] at first and changed it a [+] after re-reading it.
-- a1, Oct 19 2023

[a1] Maybe something added to the plastic or a pre-charge on the roll before use? I think the pre-charging is the best alternative. I don’t think the maddening self-adherence is electric but could be foiled by a charge. Even a non-conductive balloon will carry a static charge and stick to the wall. What is needed is the reverse.
-- minoradjustments, Oct 19 2023

Perhaps a Van de Graaff thingie built into the container and powered by the brief spin of the roll when plastic wrap is pulled out? Or something.
-- whatrock, Oct 19 2023

Just don’t put Old Sparky next to the sous vide.
-- minoradjustments, Oct 19 2023

Keep your cling wrap in the freezer.
-- a1, Oct 19 2023

You have extra room in your freezer?
-- normzone, Oct 19 2023

Yes, we found some space in the back yard to bury the ... other things.
-- a1, Oct 19 2023

As long as nobody flattenizes with the enemy I'm good with this.
-- 2 fries shy of a happy meal, Oct 20 2023

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