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Inspired by [vigilante]'s "Skate on anything" idea.

A rather simple idea. Layer the ice rink on which hockey, curling, figure skating, and speed skating is played, adding flavor to the underlying surface (while keeping a suitable non-sugary ice top surface), to sell after the game or event. Of course not ALL of this surface can be cut-up and resold because of blood, sweat and other contaminates, but some unused section can go to paying fans, or even provide a tasty alternative for getting shaved ice in your face if you're playing.

Etched with your team's logo, or get it in a commemorative self-contained deep-freeze case to keep on your mantle at home. Just imagine eating the very ice that Wayne Gretzky won his final championship game on. Or enjoying the former playing surface from the olympic games. One game its lime, the next, cherry.
-- Letsbuildafort, Oct 10 2004

Skate on anything http://www.halfbake...ate_20On_20Anything
[vigilante] [Letsbuildafort, Oct 10 2004]

As long as you can make it custard-flavoured for the finals, I'm sold.
-- vigilante, Oct 10 2004

Definitely "not" the ice from in front of the bench.
-- 2 fries shy of a happy meal, Oct 11 2004

"Just imagine eating the very ice that Wayne Gretzky won his final championship game on." *shudder*
-- contracts, Oct 11 2004

Going the other way with the idea, perhaps real hockey fans would pay to have their loved ones buried face-up under the ice--a memorial rink.
-- ldischler, Oct 11 2004

There, [ldisch], I can see it now: a commemorative doll of your favorite player in a block of "ice" to keep as a conversation piece on the mantel. Of course, not knowing any actual hockey players myself, I would want one of [Lbaf].
-- k_sra, Oct 11 2004

And the Zambonis can dump icing sugar everywhere after each period. Sweet! (+)
-- croissantz, Mar 24 2007

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