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Product: Drink Accessory: Cover
Flipping Thumb   (+2, -2)  [vote for, against]
Keep a drink fresh and make (the) statement

Along the likeness of those foam pop can insulators, this one looks like a hand with the thumb flexed. The thumb is flexed so as to rest over a bottle mouth when the bottle is at rest. The hand, when squeezed, forces the thumb to extend (right itself) and thereby make the bottle open to drink.

When the bottle is placed again on its coaster and the foam hand released, the thumb again flexes into its bottle-covered arc. Memory foam will respond to thousands of toasts with the same jolly flipping salute! A pair would make eye-catching all weather covers for one's glasses at sporting events, so have them available in quantities.
-- reensure, Sep 01 2000

Would this "statement" be the "thumbs-up" gesture, or is there some "jolly flipping salute" involving a thumb that I'm not aware of?

(The only "jolly flipping salute" I know of uses a different finger...)
-- egnor, Sep 01 2000

And generally not 'jolly'...
-- StarChaser, Sep 02 2000

I've no doubt that somewhere in the world today someone at this very moment is flipping thumb[wax] off... This seems to me a description of something I've thought of as well - a 'stein' attachment for beer. Grolsch has my favorite setup in their large bottles. We now return to our regularly scheduled thumb[wax] flipping.
-- thumbwax, Sep 30 2000

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