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USB stick form factor, hand driven floppy drive

3,5" Floppy drives are a dying species, yet floppies (floppys?) persist. The Floppy Sucker is just as long as half the diameter of a floppy, making it as portable as a USB Stick and has a handle that can be swiveled out (just like a nail clipper), that allows you to manually operate the floppy.

You clip it onto a floppy, cock it, then deftly operate the levers, just like a scissor. the device spins the floppy, shovels all it sees into its internal GBs of flash and then sets to do a little pattern recognition onboard, condensing the 'analog' data down to its meager 1.4MB core. An indicator light tells you how sure the device is about its recognition and with a switch you can decide whether to retain the analog data, to be later analysed by the far more capable dektop computer, or free the memory for some further disk-sucking.
-- loonquawl, Aug 31 2007

very neat
-- pertinax, Aug 31 2007

Having recently gone through a large stakc of old floppies to see if there was anything worth saving, anything that would make that process simpler gets my vote.
-- DrCurry, Aug 31 2007

So let me get this straight. A USB thumbdrive stlye device (flash memory) with the capability to read a disk, powered by the human hand? If so, bun. Very cool.
-- evilpenguin, Aug 31 2007

Either that or it's a lollypop shaped like a floppy drive.

Actually, that's cute, too. The hard candy of the sucker spins inside a plastic case (perhaps as you press a button on the handle), and you stick your tongue through the read-hole on the case to enjoy.
-- globaltourniquet, Aug 31 2007

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