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Floppy disk CD hider   (+4)  [vote for, against]
Hide your mini-CDs inside floppy disk cases

A seemingly ordinary floppy disk case, that in fact hides one of those mini CDs. Simply open it with the secret latch, and remove the CD inside. Then just put it in an ordinary CD drive. This floppy disk would have to look just like an ordinary floppy disk, and even fit in the drive. Some kind of overlay can optionally be placed on the CD to make it look like a floppy when the disk is opened, or even make it readable! Perfect disguise for your hidden data.
-- Dominov, Feb 05 2007

floppy cd cases http://www.instruct...E2I0OT6QVUEP286LDN/
sorry, 5 1/4 inch floppies [tcarson, Feb 06 2007]

PlusDeck cassette converter http://www.firebox....duct/1700?src_t=wnw
Fits in a 5.25" bay [angel, Feb 06 2007]

Or you could disguise it as an 8-track tape!
-- bungston, Feb 05 2007

I used to have some strange normal sized CD cases, which had metal sliding windows just like the old floppy disks. Then you slid the whole thing into a special port on the tower. There the idea was to protect the CDs from scratching, not to hide the CDs.
-- ye_river_xiv, Feb 06 2007

//an 8-track tape!// BungCo brand external 80 GB USB laptop HD in an 8-track housing, retractable cord?
-- lurch, Feb 06 2007

People use floppies so seldomly now. I imagine it's existence might attract more attention than you would want.

"My, what on earth is that archaic device?"

"Why, I don't know. Let's pry it open with this rusty screwdriver and find out."
-- The Acrimonious Obfuscator, Feb 06 2007

//Let's pry it open with this rusty screwdriver and find out.// [marked-for-tagline]. Well, sort of.
-- pertinax, Feb 06 2007

Maybe you could also hide your regular sized CDs in the older and larger floppy disk cases.
-- BJS, Feb 06 2007

i'm pretty sure i've seen something like this where 5 1/2 inch floppies were gutted as cd cases.
-- tcarson, Feb 06 2007

[Lurch]: linky.
-- angel, Feb 06 2007

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