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Product: Tool: Soldering
Flux Capacitor   (+7)  [vote for, against]
Sometimes rosin core just doesn't cut it.

This tiny dispenser stores a small amount of flux, just in case you don't have a tin of flux handy. Attaches to most pencil soldering irons.

Uses a squeeze bulb containing semi-solid rosin paste, which feeds into a metal tube that runs parallel to the iron element to slowly heat the rosin and make dispensing in small amounts easier.

Upon encountering metal not yet clean enough for solder to adhere to, simply squeeze the bulb to blast out a small burst of flux, which displaces dirt and oils so the solder will adhere better. The "capacitor" instantly recharges for another blast upon release of the bulb. Refill with your favorite flux when empty.
-- Mr Burns, Oct 02 2002

1.21 gigawatts?! 1.21 gigawatts?!
-- krelnik, Oct 02 2002

Back to the future? No, back to the drawing board...
-- Mr Burns, Oct 02 2002

baked. Where I go to university, they have an whole heap of old equipment. Two pieces in particular are an old pick and place machine which would screen print resin before the wash cycle (old flux) and another is their surface-mount soldering iron. It has 3 heads which all converge together. One is the iron itself, one is a solder paste syringe and the third is a flux syringe. The syringes are all operated by compressed air and a foot pedal. This means that they constantly have a ready supply of flux for when it is required. Maybe it's a home-made job, and therefore not commercially available. I will find out and link if it's a commercial product.
-- reap, Oct 03 2002

I have a 1 cc medical syringe (long and thin) that I've filled with Zinc Chloride flux - it lives in my tool roll alongside my Weller Pyropen butane fuelled soldering iron. As a portable "dispenser" this works very well. Capping the nozzle is necessary to stop the flux leaking out.

As the idea is a properly engineered version of something I already use I will give it a croissant, and buy one if they ever go on sale.

NB It's tricky to fill the little syringes with flux. The answer is to get a 10 or 20cc syringe - with a wide bore - and fill that with flux. Then warm it, and inject the warm flux into the small syringe with the plunger removed. Don't fill the small syringe more than half full.
-- 8th of 7, Oct 03 2002

Reap: I need one of those... necessity is the mother of all inventions (even those built upon a poor pun), and I really could have used that yesterday...
-- Mr Burns, Oct 03 2002

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