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Fool-Proof Toothbrush   (+3, -1)  [vote for, against]
for foolish family and friends

The inspiration for this came from this news story (link).

If you are like me, that story will make you giggle and think, "That sounds like something Ben would do." (If you don't know Ben, I'm sure... well... fairly sure you have a friend of equivalent foolishness.)

Each Fool-Proof Toothbrush has a small hole at the end of the handle. From here, a chain attaches the toothbrush to a standard bath plug (or maybe a suction pad).

The toothbrush comes with a card. Inside the card is a copy of the article on the left-hand side, and on the right-hand side, "Dear _____, I saw this article and thought of you. Hope this toothbrush saves you from similar misfortune. Love, _______"

Admittedly, anyone foolish enough to swallow a toothbrush will probably find some way to swallow this too. But it makes an excellent mickey-taking gift to give to the fools among your friends and family!
-- imaginality, Apr 24 2006

The inspiration for this
"Hmm, where'd my toothbrush go?" [imaginality, Apr 24 2006]

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A homemade one I put together today (ribbon tied round neck rather than chain linked to handle, but you get the idea) [imaginality, Apr 25 2006]

This won't work - as the saying goes "Make it foolproof, and someone will make a better fool".
-- fridge duck, Apr 24 2006

I don't have the faintest idea, but its fools like this that brighten up news headlines.
-- fridge duck, Apr 24 2006

And how does one first swallow a toothbrush without knowing it, then remember twenty-two years later _when_ it was that one unknowingly swallowed a toothbrush?
-- jutta, Apr 24 2006

"Ohhh.. so that night 22 years ago, when I thought the invisible purple unicorns had crept into my bathroom and stolen my toothbrush, *that*'s where it went!"
-- imaginality, Apr 25 2006

You could always just leash the brush to your jacket sleeves. Works for mittens.
-- Letsbuildafort, Apr 25 2006

/The Inspiration for this ../

Crikey, how do you not realise you've swallowed a toothbrush?!! Most people choke on a fly!
-- kuupuuluu, Apr 25 2006

This concept could be extended to many other items such as spoons, forks, pets and household furniture.
-- wagster, Apr 25 2006

do you use the chain to yank the brush back up the gullet?
-- po, Apr 25 2006

//That sounds like something Ben would do// Sounds a bit tame for [benfrost].
-- coprocephalous, Apr 25 2006

[po], exactly. There might be some temporary pain involved but you do end up with a nice clean throat as a bonus.

The Ben I mentioned is a different Ben to [benfrost] (but feel free to apply it to any Bens who fit).

//If the chain is short enough, you have the added advantage that nobody can clean the toilet with it.//

Why would you want to clean your toilet with a chain?
-- imaginality, Apr 25 2006

//Most people choke on a fly!//

Well, there was this one little old woman...
-- imaginality, Apr 25 2006

Jesus, this news article practically writes a Chuck Norris joke:
"Chuck Norris doesn't brush his teeth, he just swallows his toothbrush and makes it work from there"
-- hidden truths, Apr 25 2006

//How do you swallow a toothbrush?// Here in America, we have this magical substance called booze. It can cause lots of otherwise unlikely swallowing.
-- Galbinus_Caeli, Apr 25 2006

Also prevents you from losing the toothbrush down the bathtub drain. What sequence of events would bring that experience about I'll leave for your imagination to work out.
-- RayfordSteele, Apr 26 2006

I was thinking maybe the toothbrush was really small, way back then, and that it had a sell by date sticker on it.
But then I was also thinking that people used to use their fingers, with salt, to give the pearly whites a once over.

So I wonder if the poor guy bit his finger off without realising it? Maybe at 70 he decided to learn to play the piano, and suddenly noticed his finger was missing.
-- Ling, Apr 26 2006

//Sounds a bit tame for [benfrost].// Right! No Dauchaunds. Wait a min. "a bit tame for [benfrost]"? that sounds like a challange to me.

Lost toothbrush, 22 years, and the fact that zombies (hit enter now Zimmy, anything else you type will just be moronic).
-- Zimmy, Apr 26 2006

here in the us they would probably have sued the tooth brush company 4 making toothbrushes 2 easy 2 swallow..........but then if it was on a chain the family of the deceased would sue 4 making toothbrushes so hard 2 swallow..........bun neway
-- wakeNbake, Apr 26 2006

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