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Knee thrust-back combo

Lay upon the crowded woolen room.


Back upon the floor, gazing into the ceiling mirror.

Dancing feet presume.
-- skinflaps, Sep 04 2004

first thought, are you in a hotel room? bored? I still like shadow puppets when I'm in that position, if the light is right.
-- dentworth, Sep 04 2004

What's a woolen room? And whose dancing feet would one be looking at, one's own? I'm so very confused.
-- Machiavelli, Sep 04 2004

Kinda reminds me of dancing on the ceiling.
-- skinflaps, Sep 04 2004

is this about sex?, cause if it is I'm too tired to play.
-- dentworth, Sep 04 2004

This reads like one of those computer-generated poems.
-- robinism, Sep 04 2004

Ohhhh, I think I get the idea: you lie on your back and move your feet in the air and look at the reflection in the ceiling mirror?
-- Machiavelli, Sep 04 2004

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