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Says the time in a different foreign language each hour.

Cycles through an odd number of foreign languages, stating the time on the hour or half hour, if you are so inclined.
-- tyskland, Nov 29 2002

French as she is not spoke http://www.stone-de...grail/scene-08.html
[DrCurry, Oct 04 2004]

If people wish to learn a foreign language, i don't think a talking clock is the way to go. Really this is just as a novelty.

And if you won't give a croissant, i guess i'll just give myself one.

"Very well done, marvelous idea, top of the pile"
-- tyskland, Nov 29 2002

Hopefully spoken by individuals with distinctive and intriguing voices.
-- st3f, Nov 29 2002

Hopefully spoken by the Monty Python team (see link).
-- DrCurry, Nov 29 2002

I'm all for it if it includes Esperanto. Just don't make an alarm clock; I'd probably stand all of two mornings of it yelling "Veku! Veku!" at me before I showed it the meaning of "pecetigi".
-- l2g, Nov 29 2002

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