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fill the fuselage with av-gas and tread water!

why bother with seats? just make the fuselage the fuel tank, and hand everyone a wetsuit and a scuba mask on the way in. Provides excellent crash protection, and no more worries about smoke inhalation.

Also solves deep-vein thrombosis, get a workout by swimming around the tank!
-- zero5, Aug 05 2001

You're right; in case of fire, smoke inhalation would definitely not be a problem.
-- egnor, Aug 05 2001

The extra weight of all that fuel might make it difficult to get off the ground. Maybe a hydrogen-filled zeppelin body should be attached to the top of the airplane to alleviate some of the added weight.
-- PotatoStew, Aug 05 2001

Or a helium-filled body, which could stow extra passengers, who could then have fun by making squeaky voices for the flight duration.
-- -alx, Aug 05 2001

-- Dog Ed, Aug 05 2001

And just wait till the NEXT pilot from Bin Laden Airlines takes over!
-- arghblah, Sep 24 2001

you forget that fuel doesn't explode, fuel VAPOUR explodes.

also, no extra weight is involved, you only take as much fuel as you need, just leave out the wing tanks.

The best way to survive impacts is to be suspended in a fluid body.

People can't hear threats from terrorists so no worries.
-- zero5, Sep 26 2001

//a hydrogen-filled zeppelin body should be attached to the top of the airplane//

Ever heard of the hydrogen powered airship called the Hindenburg? Yep, none of us want THAT happening again.
-- croissantz, Aug 22 2004

this is not a good idea.

I would be scared to death of flying is fthis was baked. fishbone.
-- FireElf, Jul 18 2006

Sensible position, _fire_elf. I'd be scared of fuel too.
-- david_scothern, Jul 18 2006

Jet fuel is just kerosine. Not all that explosive.
-- Galbinus_Caeli, Jul 18 2006

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