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'Cause backward ain't good enough!

All the rollercoasters now are pretty much the same- the typical stereotype is they go up a hill, down a hill, up a hill, down a hill, loop, station. And all the loops are made so that on a regular coaster, the G-Forces pull you down into your seat. Well, why not mix it up? My rollercoaster design begins like this: The car goes up the hill on a standard chain, and goes down a small (say 6 ft.) hill, then continues to drop. Eventually the car reaches 90 degrees, but keeps going. So the car does a compete loop like so. The resulting G-Forces will provide around 3-4 seconds of weightlessness. The only thing necessary is a strong safety harness.
-- croissantz, Apr 27 2006

Picture http://img134.image...image=cheesy9rr.png
A really cheesy MS Paint pic to help you get the idea. [croissantz, Apr 27 2006]

Max Immelman http://www.furball....d/ACM-immelman.html
[normzone, Apr 27 2006]

awesome idea...

however, the engineering behind it would be quite complicated you would think.
-- pat2501, Apr 27 2006

For an aircraft would that be an outside loop, or an Immelman, or ? [off to research]

No, an Immelman is an outside loop that you roll out of at the top [link]

Ok, further research has left me confused, and I must go to bed now.
-- normzone, Apr 27 2006

Nah, that one looks like a regular inversion loop with the difference that you're hanging below it on the outside rather than riding above it.
-- jutta, Apr 27 2006

I can't help but wonder what the puke factor would be on a ride such as this. centrifugal force would keep this interesting.
-- RockCrawler, Apr 27 2006

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