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Freebie Counselling   (+4, -1)  [vote for, against]
Advice to help people cope with a lack of freebies.

With the venture funding drying up there will less things for free or for sale at an artifically reduced price so people lose money for each item sold.

To help people Freebie Counselling would be available to help people go through this difficult transition. The act of buying things, the need for business models and the relevence of profit to commerce would be explained.

People would have to pay for this advice, of course, as this is all part of the therapy.
-- Aristotle, Apr 18 2001

Modern Humorist: First Aid for the Dying Dot-Com http://store5.yimg....ststore_1633_522035
Not quite on topic - this helpful sheet is directed towards executives, not customers, of the industry. [jutta, Apr 18 2001]

Never fear - freebies are here!
Freebie junkie heaven . . . [wasraw, Apr 18 2001, last modified Oct 05 2004]

Free Lunch
As requested by UnaBubba ... [Aristotle, Apr 18 2001, last modified Oct 05 2004]

Do you miss Kozmo already?
-- egnor, Apr 19 2001

I see that people may need rehabilitation from these services as they go from free turkey to cold turkey. These undertakers of the New Economy would help consumers mourn and find life beyond services that suffered from 3rd degree burn-rates and flippant behaviour. The business models of these advisers could be anything suggested by Dobert ...
-- Aristotle, Apr 19 2001

Freebie counselling could be the introduction to pay-for-service counselling. Like No-nag ware, Nag-ware, Cripple-ware & Shareware.

It could also be used as a way to promote a service provider.

"...a business plan for a Web site based on this service...? PeterSealy "

needs to be aware of the person who 'half-bakes' to the person who 'bakes'. I assume he is a baker who can only work with proven, well documented recipes. Greg Zeng.
-- gz, Apr 19 2001

Ahh, I understand. Greg is a suggesting a business model for this counselling service.

Whatever it is should onvolve handing over reasonable sized amounts of cash, sufficient to support the counseller. An ad based approach would not pass muster here at all ...
-- Aristotle, Apr 20 2001

I wish I had 5¢ for every time a degree-holder in my company spelled the degree wrong. Like, a memo that says, "I'm tired of doing all the work, and I'm the bos."

Anyway, my + vote is free.
-- reensure, Apr 20 2001

Ahh, I understand. Greg is a suggesting a business model for this counselling service.

Yes. Before I retired, I used to work on 3 counselling agencies (unpaid), & was the Administrator of one ofthese agencies. The agencies are funded by contracts (government departments, private companies, etc), and it's also possible to gather work from trade associations, insurance companies, etc.
-- gz, Apr 21 2001

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