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frisbees that come back when in hostile airspace

Ever been playing Frisbee to find your flying disc clatter beyond the fence of the warty old woman down the block who's a witch who ate this kid Jimmy one halloween when your big brother was your age? Fret no more! Simply a floppy foam disc. It is like a coiled rope, with a ridge on one side and an indent on the other. It is curved into shape at the factory. At the outer end of the rope, there is a finger-sized hole (one size fits most). you can throw it like a frisbee, without your finger in the loop, or, in smaller, more frisbee-unfriendly regions, throw it to a friend, and upon their successful catch, remove your finger. It will whiz toward them. If they fail to catch it and your Frisyo is heading for Ms. Cheung's Expensive Easily-Broken Glass Type Stuff Store & Pit Bull Training School, you can simply let it zoom back to you.
-- watermelancholy, Aug 05 2002

Disc Golf
Disc golf? What the hell is disc golf? [Mr Burns, Aug 06 2002]

Mulligan? What the hell is a Mulligan? [Mr Burns, Aug 07 2002]

I give you a coiled roll for the boomerbee idea, but the description of its construction and use has me lost. Wouldn't the rope come whipping back to your buddy and put a ridge on the nose and an indent in the forehead?
-- FarmerJohn, Aug 06 2002

Did I say it's plastic? Because I really meant 'foam.'
-- watermelancholy, Aug 06 2002

Disc golfers would call this the "Auto-Mulligan"
-- Mr Burns, Aug 06 2002

How about a yo-yo-rang? What, yo rang?

Thees is a cool idea. I'd use it. Croissy. That comes back to you.
-- polartomato, Aug 06 2002

I give half my croiss to my lovely agent.
-- watermelancholy, Aug 06 2002

thcgenius, disc golf is frisbee golf. You throw special harder, flatter frisbees (there's even one for putting) into metal baskets on a short "golf" course with more terrain. It's more fun than you'd think.
-- FarmerJohn, Aug 07 2002

Farmer: I've been playing disc golf regularly for a few years now. I put the link up for others that might not know what is was, as a surprizing amount of people ask me "what the hell is disc golf?". Alas, if only there *were* an auto-mulligan.. Anyone care for a round?
-- Mr Burns, Aug 07 2002

Very creative...I know I have had to go to my neighbors to retreive baseballs/frisbees/soccer balls/ several times.

Would you like string attached to your croissant?
-- BinaryCookies, Aug 07 2002

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