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Froglets' Toe Ring   (+7)  [vote for, against]
For the genetically unfortunate

As far as I know, there aren't that many people with the unfortunate fashion defect of having (a) webbed toe(s), but these people can't wear toe rings, which might be a bit of a problem to the more fashion-consious.

If the toe ring was made with a gap at the side, they'd be able to wear one (plus help people with broad toes who accidently get them stuck often).
-- froglet, Nov 20 2005

The Man from Atlantis
Sorry, but I always think of this old TV series when I think of webbed toes [Adze, Nov 22 2005]

I *was* going to call this 'webbed toe toe rings', but meh, bad English and all...

My apologies for self-promotion or whatever you like to call it.
-- froglet, Nov 20 2005

you could get web piercings, surely?
-- po, Nov 20 2005

Can you have a webbed toe? Surely you need more than one?
-- moomintroll, Nov 20 2005

[moomintroll] I was talking about the webbing in singular form - you can have one webbing between two toes.

Unfortunately I'm victim of this particular defect (which, cursiously, led to my cousins calling me 'the froglet' when I was a tyke, then just 'froglet' when I became older. They still do.). Except two webs have a nice little symetry to them, and nobody notices, unless I try and wear those socks with individual toe thingummies. Or wear toe rings.
-- froglet, Nov 20 2005

-- DrCurry, Nov 20 2005

Of frogletts toes? Eck!
-- DesertFox, Nov 20 2005

Would you wear a toe ring if you could?
-- wagster, Nov 20 2005

I think it's an ancient symbol of prostitution. Or was that anklets?
-- DrCurry, Nov 20 2005

webbed toes probably had you drowned as a witch. crossed fingers - my ex had webbed toes and an extra nipple.

yeah, ankle bracelets, DC.
-- po, Nov 20 2005

That's why you drowned him?
-- DrCurry, Nov 20 2005

Surely theres some type of simple surgery to correct this, so one could not only wear regular toe jewlery, but also have regular feet.

Can u swim abnormally fast? I always wandered this.
-- shinobi, Nov 21 2005

Do you weigh more than a duck?
-- ConsulFlaminicus, Nov 21 2005

Yes, I weigh more than a duck, [Consul].

Whilst I am the fastest swimmer in my year, that isn't saying much. There are a lot of people out there without webbed toes who can swim a lot faster than me. So there you go, [shinobi]. By the way, I like my trademark toes the way they are, and it's not even very freakish - nobody would've pointed it out to me, and I wouldn't have noticed if I didn't have three cousins who kept on calling me 'froglet'.

And yes, if I could wear toe rings, I would.
-- froglet, Nov 21 2005

It occurs to me that, with suitable piercings and the insertion of large, surgical steel eyelets, you could attach all sorts of running aids, climbing aids and such. Skis, flippers and crampons need never come loose from your feet again.

With such eyelets on each foot, you could also have the basics present for a very servicable catapult - Attach a 50cm length of thick rubber tubing, one end to each web eyelet. By lying down, legs akimbo, and drawing the rubber up to your chin, you could effectively aim and launch a bolt, or shot, with some force (caution- need to tuck willy well away). Those cruel cousins could be your first targets.
-- ConsulFlaminicus, Nov 21 2005

I'd find it hard to believe some additional between-toe skin would help a person swim kinda cup your toes together to kick anyway.

My one foot is slightly ducked, visible when standing at rest. Over the years it has made a number of people ask if I took ballet, because it looks like I hold a "turn out" position. See now, these are just the little things that make a person unique, why would you want to remove?
-- Zuzu, Nov 21 2005

Yeah, the Man From Atlantis was awesome. [Froglet], do you have any of those powers?

I agree, we need pictures of Froglet's toes.
-- sleeka, Nov 22 2005

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