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Front door belts   (+4)  [vote for, against]
inertia reel controlled straps stop intruders

Just like the lap belts in a car these would be attached about a third of the way from top and bottom across the back of the door. The ends with the reels would be attached solidly to the wall on the jamb side of the doorway and the belts would be clicked into the latches bolted to the back of the door. The door could be opened to let the cat out but could not be pushed open quickly by a person on the outside, giving you time to get your weapon in case you didn't bring it when answering the door. Might do this before the next hurricane. Fashion conscious people might want to consult their decorator.
-- cudgel, Oct 13 2015

// giving you time to get your weapon in case you didn't bring it when answering the door //

Yeah, like that would ever happen ...
-- 8th of 7, Oct 13 2015

[8th] I know. Not everybody can BE a weapon.
-- cudgel, Oct 13 2015

Aside from letting animals in and out what's the practical difference between this and a door bar?
-- Voice, Oct 13 2015

Don't forget to add some release pins, so the groom can carry the bride across the doorway. And the movers get the beds and sofa across easily.
-- popbottle, Oct 14 2015

These can be actual seat belts removed from a junked car. When you leave the house reach around and snap them in place. Open the door slowly when you return, far enough to reach the push buttons. Bad guy kicking the door in wouldn't get very far and when you are home they would be better than the typical short door chain to see who your caller is.
-- cudgel, Oct 14 2015

I like this idea. I think it might need some extra thought, like make sure the belts can't be cut with a knife or razor. It would be great, too, if the belts were rather portable and could be easily installed temporarily. I imagine a kind of hinge side "clip" on the door, and on the latch side a kind of "clamp" thingy that clamps the belt to the jamb without leaving marks- but, once in use, impossible to remove from the outside. I know a bit more thought could make this a really useful travel device for that bit of extra security you need when staying in motels and at other guest places. Imagine like when you visit an Aunt and you are in her guest bedroom...you could whip out your "Door Belt", install it and sleep secure knowing your crazy, demented Aunt can't enter and steal your shoes in the middle of the night (My imaginary Aunt has a shoe fettish..ok?)
-- Altoidian, Oct 14 2015

We're thinking of transparent tape and inertia reels with pyrotechnic tensioners.

Wait until they're half way in, then hit the initiator. Enjoy the classic BANG-WHAAaaaaaaaaa.... THUD as the victim follows a ballistic trajectory onto some unyielding object.
-- 8th of 7, Oct 14 2015

[Altoidian] Steel belts like in tires? [8th] Cacti?
-- cudgel, Oct 14 2015

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