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Froth-Milk Vessel Inversion Adapter   (+2)  [vote for, against]
Blood bags don't sputter.

In the office kitchen, the pouch of milk in the micro-fridge attached to the coffee maker does not end well. It ends with spluttering and spitting, as the flexible hose which is pushed down into it finds the milk remnant puddle too shallow.

The micro-fridge should be higher up, and the milk vessel should hang in it upside down, connected to the milk hose with a Froth-Milk Vessel Inversion Adapter.

For a plastic bottle of milk, this could be a threaded, washable silicone sphincter. The bottle would be supported in an adjustable clamp.

For milk pouches, such as we have, (and for tetra-paks), it would be almost impossible to mechanically attach a device that would both make a seal and also be easy to detach when changing the pouch, so the way forward would be to empty the whole milk pouch into a purpose-built downward-dispensing bag like those used in hospitals with intravenous drips.
-- pertinax, Nov 04 2021

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