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Fruit by the milliLiter   (+3)  [vote for, against]
a three dimensional option to fruit by the foot

A cubical cardboard box contains a single liter of gummy, fruity, cubic deliciosity.
-- jellydoughnut, May 18 2007

General Mills Fruit by the Foot http://www.generalm...nd.aspx?catID=11309
[jellydoughnut, May 18 2007]

Realizing your dream...
How to make pure gummy. [Giblet, May 18 2007] it's entirety.
Boxes for Gummy. [Giblet, May 18 2007]

what kind of fruit?
-- tcarson, May 18 2007

So a cubic foot of gummi bear, that isn't bear shaped? Sounds delicious.
-- PollyNo9, May 18 2007

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