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Fuzzy Logic Bridge Jockeys   (+5)  [vote for, against]

My (mis)understanding is that... People walk in step and time with each other.

By taking advantage of "people-excited lateral bridge vibration" and a fully functional musically engineered bridge I propose to introduce the...

"Fluid Motion Fuzzy Logic Bridge DJs"

Unroll an enormous pressure sensitive matted padding that covers the entire length of the flooring of the bridge.Which in turn acts as one big drum and bass wireless walking surface.

Two DJs are placed at opposite ends to each other.One at the far entrance end of the bridge and the other nearest to the exit gate.

Each of the DJs mixing and HIFI equipment is linked directly into the pressure padded walking mats.As the bridge gates are raised and access is allowed,the crowds walk and trigger the pressure pads connected directly to the mixing desks as they cross.

It would probably take 4 minutes for the opposing crowds to cross from one side of this bridge to the make sure both DJs have their "Wah Wah" , "flange" and "Booster woofer" pads(not forgetting the subwoofers) on max and a good sense of humour.
-- skinflaps, Feb 28 2005

This would be cool.
[skinflaps, Feb 28 2005]

Even better.
[skinflaps, Feb 28 2005]

Singing bridges
Interesting stuff [skinflaps, Mar 01 2005]

ooooh, yesss. good vibrations. i'd be on that bridge all day. structural soundness is a must though, my love. we don't want those happy feet falling into the harbor.
-- k_sra, Feb 28 2005

//Fuzzy Logic //?. Woolly thinking, only more so. +
-- gnomethang, Feb 28 2005

What's the Fuzzy Logic bit? A gimmick to sell to the Japanese? Settings on the controls?: "kinda bouncy, really swingin', make 'em puke"
-- half, Mar 01 2005

Each console is equipped with a Fuzzy Logic Control System which inturn are used for vibration control of the bridge under unknown excitation in order to ensure stability (time for a strong cuppa tea)
-- skinflaps, Mar 01 2005

So... amplified footsteps, sort-of sound-engineered in real time by the DJs? I'm trying to like this, but I'm not sure I've grasped it yet.
-- pertinax, Jun 01 2006

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