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Gang Area Free Trade Agreement


Gang Area Free Trade Agreement.

As trading organisations, Street Gangs enjoy a monopoly in supplying illegal drugs on their own turf. Consumers do not have a choice about where to source their crack cocaine. While there is competition from other gangs in the forms of disputes about boundaries this doesn't benefit the consumer. The result is artificially high prices for this vital commodity.

I propose shaking up this arrangement by implementing GAFTA. Under this agreement any participating gang may operate on the turf of any other signatory. This would increase competition, inevitability lowering the price and leading to improvements in quality.
-- rambling_sid, Dec 06 2004

Why can't your local crack-head walk the 5 miles to the next neighborhood?

In fact -- if he's likely to get an extra rock for his patience I bet he's more then prepared to do this. It's not as if he has anything else to do with his day - say - like go to work or bring up his kids.
-- britboy, Dec 06 2004

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