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When its time for the party to end!

We have all been to a party that just goes on too long. The relatives at a wedding milking the open bar for hours on end. The Kids in the pool long after the parents are done for the day.

Well now there is a solution to this age old problem, The Gala Extinguisher!

Looking very much like a home fire extinguisher but painted a distinctive green color to avoid confusion, the Gala Extinguisher releases a slow steady stream of noxious gases proven to make any area highly unpleasant causing unwanted guests to want to move on to the after party. Upon extinguishing the party the odor rapidly dissipates with the aid of a neutralizer allowing the host to continue on with their day. Get yours now!

Inspired by [theleopard]s Galah Extinguisher(see link and vote for it)
-- jhomrighaus, Aug 02 2007

Inspiring Idea Galah_20Extinguisher
[jhomrighaus, Aug 02 2007]

Inspiring jibe http://www.familygu...iffin-quotes-2.html
[theleopard, Aug 02 2007]

Like a stink bomb? Now, a stink bomb neutraliser would be a great invention, beloved of all shop assistants in malls near gypsy camp parks.
-- theleopard, Aug 02 2007

I thought there was only one Jehovah?
-- theleopard, Aug 02 2007

Wow, this would have been handy in college.
-- k_sra, Aug 02 2007

7 people were injured today, with a further 15 suffering from serious cases of sour grapes after a host tried to break up a party with a halon fire extinguisher.
-- marklar, Aug 02 2007

<Voice slowly escalating in pitch> So, [jhom], you have some new material for an idea, huh? You... get a little inspiration? For this idea you've been workin' on? You know the one, uh, you've been workin on for a while now? You know the idea. Got somethin' new good for the title, huh? Great. Maybe now a, maybe add a main character? Get some prose in there, hm? Maybe a big cat is at the party and suffers a little heartbreak? Somethin' like that...? Draw from real life experience maybe? Little, little heartbreak? You know? Work it into the story? Make the story a little more three dimensional? Little, uh, richer experience for the reader? Make those second hundred letters really keep the reader guessing what's going to happen? Some twists and turns? A little epilogue? Everybody learns that the hero's journey isn't always a happy one? <Voice returns to normal.> Oh, I look forward to reading it.
-- theleopard, Aug 02 2007

<hands [theleopard] a couple of downers>
-- wagster, Aug 02 2007

Sorry [theleopard] I totally forgot to give credit where due, I voted for yours if its any consolation. I don't usually forget to do that, really sorry!
-- jhomrighaus, Aug 02 2007

Heh heh, no worries. <linky>
-- theleopard, Aug 02 2007

That's Funny, I had never seen that one before.
-- jhomrighaus, Aug 02 2007

I've heard of this being involuntarily baked at least once.

At a party, this guy goes through the purse of a girl he's interested in and is hence trying to tease, pulling out things, holding them up, making remarks about them - oh, well, teenagers. He finds her little container of MACE - but this is in the early 80ies, he's not familiar with the product, so he mistakes it for insect spray. So he holds it up while the girl is trying to get it from him - and proceeds to spray rather a lot of it into the room.

Yep, works.
-- jutta, Aug 03 2007

The concept is laudable but the substance needs to more socially acceptable, or you'll not get anybody coming to your parties any more.
-- normzone, Aug 03 2007

//[marked-for-deletion] echo. I'm also requesting trademark protection for the Gila, Goalie (for the opposing team), and Ghillie ("A good one is hard to find") extinguishers.//

I don't understand why the fact that this is an echo means it is something to be deleted. It is a distinct and self supporting idea that is only related in name. If I had waited 2 months to post it would it still be marked for echo?

Per the Help File:

"echo - inventions that exaggerate a theme or flaw in another invention in order to point out its silliness. It's fine for an invention to be inspired by other inventions, but if you don't "get" the point of the new post if you haven't seen the other one first, it shouldn't be permanent. (It's fine to do that in an annotation to the idea that inspired the comment.)"

This idea is none of these things, it is related only in name to the other and in no way plays off that idea or pokes fun at it. If i had posted it by itself it would still make sense, I just felt it was more fun as Gala rather than Party as it drew attention to both ideas in a positive way. Am I just totally wrong?
-- jhomrighaus, Aug 03 2007

It's doing better than mine though [jhom]... <sob>
-- theleopard, Aug 03 2007

Yours was much more half baked than this one.

As to this I suppose that there could be different types of Gala extinguishers to suit your needs(like there are with fire extinguishers) Some that play music(for those older party goers play rap) ones that simulate a police raid(lights and sirens for those underage parties) Etc. All would be neatly packaged in a distinctive green canister you can mount on a wall.

Or maybe it could have a dial on the side allowing you to select the type of party goer you are trying to extinguish.
-- jhomrighaus, Aug 03 2007

[admin: I marked this for deletion because I felt that the title came first, and that the idea merely props up the title. Since the author insists that it does stand on its own, and that he would have posted it independently, I've removed the tag.]
-- jutta, Aug 03 2007

[jutta] I'm not sure that that is exactly right, I would say that the name did come first from a misreading of the other idea.

I guess my point was more that based on the help file it seemed that an echo was more like posting an idea for "3 cups of Coffee" after having read "2 Cups of Coffee" The new idea only makes sense in the context of the original idea. I thought this was more of a play on words but the idea itself is really independent(at least I thought it was) and is slightly humorous due to the similarity in the name. I don't mind seeing a string of ideas that are related in name but are independently acceptable ideas by themselves I think its kind of fun to see what people come up with(its also kind of rare to find unique ideas that can share a common title) I would think that if the idea could stand on its own or even stand under a different name then I wouldn't think it an Echo as much as inspired by the name. That is of course only my opinion.

You are of course the ultimate judge and if you feel is an echo then by all means it should be judged so.
-- jhomrighaus, Aug 03 2007

Does it extinguish elecrtrical parties too? Or just paper parties? And lets not talk about kitchen parties.
-- evilpenguin, Aug 03 2007

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