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Student progress charts similar to game character XP

Each child creates a character with fun aspects like Race: Orc, Profession: Alchemist or whatever.

Their character then gains experience points and skill points in various classes like Maths, English, etc. on completion of classwork, coursework, homework. Rather than being given a B+, the kids would get: History +5, English +2, Handwriting + 1, spelling +1.

They could also have special abilities like High Jump or Carpentry.

Each year they level up.

This would make it easy to see an ongoing progress chart without formal test taking. It would also encourage kids to work on their weak points in a fun way, by having optional themed quests/missions that they could take.

It doesn't have to be D&D themed, it could be like Hogwarts or something else, but not Pokemon.
-- marklar, Feb 20 2012

Love it - Personally I think you could probably implement this as a teen-targeted role-playing game. There must be some kind of precedent out there - and if there's not, this could be a real seller! Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles was kind of this idea with a twist.
-- zen_tom, Feb 20 2012

Excellent. Include the workplace "+1 tolerance of bad bosses" etc.
-- haywardt, Feb 20 2012

I made my saving throw vs. pop quizzes. Whew!
-- phundug, Feb 21 2012

And the "Boss" monster at the end is the career they want to take. Sorry, you need a Biology level of 53 to make it as a veterinarian. You need to level up a bit.

Have a bun, which in the game of Halfbakery gives you +3 credibility.
-- Psalm_97, Feb 21 2012

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