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Garden of Blocks.   (+2)  [vote for, against]
Garden block rearranger.

Similar to one of those hand-held-slide-puzzles-with-one-square-missing (what are they called?), except it's a bit bigger and you need a powerful motor and some cleverly wired pulleys to rearrange the blocks.

If you want to move the water feature to the bottom of the garden, simply perch yourself in a big tree and manipulate the wireless handheld puzzle controller and the garden will follow suit.
-- Trodden, Mar 13 2003

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You could have a system of rails and wheels under the blocks in order to make moving them about a bit easier.
-- DrBob, Mar 13 2003

-- brenna, Mar 13 2003

This is inspiring!!
-- Pericles, Mar 16 2003

or you could automate it... Some kind of random pattern generator. Wake each morning to a new garden layout.
-- RockHopper, Mar 16 2003

And when they're arranged in a certain pattern, a big smiley-face results.
-- RayfordSteele, Mar 16 2003

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