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Fashion: Mask
Gas Masquerade   (+1, -1)  [vote for, against]
Breathe easier while you take candy from strangers.

Put on a rubber mask for Halloween, and it's likely that you will be unable to breathe in a decent manner. You may, of course, enjoy the buzz from the combination of lack of oxygen and mysterious chemicals, but suppose that you intended to work in this condition?

Suppose that you are a foam rubber character of some sort who must wear an uncomfortable, stuffy mask all the time. Doh! A gas mask and fresh air pump tank would be easier to breathe with, or even a snorkel that sticks out, but it's all so spartan.

Enter this product, more or less a glorified gas mask. Scrim flaps (to cover the ugly vents) and clever colored rubber moulding make a mask that delivers fresh air to you while you wear it. Detach the mask cover and insert your own gas mask base, if you so desire... good for multiple wearers of the same mask. The foam rubber edition is a gas mask with a connected fresh air pump and optional tank, as well as the optional body air venting system, contained in a foam rubber head.

Looking at the name, I suppose that a humorous masquerade ball with army gas masks is in order.
-- polartomato, Aug 17 2002

I recall reading that some of the "character" performers (Mickey, Goofey) etc. at the Disney theme parks are equipped with backpack environment conditioning units based on space suit technology which provide cooling and fresh breathable air, so this may be Baked already.
-- 8th of 7, Aug 17 2002

I've had the terrible misfortune of seeing various Disney Characters in various states of undress - Band marched around and tooted instruments in Dismaland in '75, changed in same locker room as these dismal characters, you see.
-- thumbwax, Aug 17 2002

8th: I think you are right about the foam rubber Dismal types. However, your average rubber Halloween mask has changed little over the years, and it is impossible to breathe. Gas masks are relatively inexpensive, so the basic infrastructure of them could be incorporated into a Halloween mask. At least "they" could build a frigging snorkel into the things.
-- polartomato, Aug 19 2002

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