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Giant geared hamsterball.

(somehow inspired by "mouse dynamo")
((inspiration struck while reading said idea))

The idea is thus:
A large (8-10 feet) ball which is inside a larger ball, and is connected by an innovative, variable geared, power transfer unit. The advantages of this device are three:
The gears allow for higher speeds than achievable by simply walking ( or, of course, much more torque).
The maneuverability is increased over that of a bike, except for the small space transit. It also overcomes a problem of the Segway, the small wheels, and low road clearance.
It does not contribute to air pollution.

And now, a description of the force transfer device:
The FTD is positioned at the bottom of the geared man-ball, in between the shells. The FTD is an arrangement of the uni-directional torque mechanisms, 3-4 UDTM 45*-90* apart (across the bottom, not radially), which are pointing their torque axis inward. They are held in place by struts.
The UDTM is a wheal covered in wheels (covering wheels are at right angels to main wheal), attached via a gearing device, to another of these covered wheels. This allows the sphere to move in any direction desired.
-- my-nep, Feb 14 2004

3rd one down. [my-nep, Oct 05 2004, last modified Oct 06 2004]

Click the link for a picture.
The shells are made of mesh.
-- my-nep, Feb 14 2004

I thought this would be a man ball wearing its gear.
-- bungston, Feb 14 2004

This realy pisses me off. (in my opinion) My most inovative/novel idea and it gets 1 post. <annoyed!>
-- my-nep, Apr 17 2004

I don't really like it. The extra weight to move wouldn't be worth it (in my opinion), and it's way too big.
-- BJS, Jun 03 2006

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