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prompted by the thought that its time I donated some blood and the faintly romantic mood I have been in lately, giving blood may remedy the latter

I have been pondering the geek code and I have decided that mine is:- e p- s++ st+++ g- B+ A+ and O negative I wondered if the halfbakery's new rejigging could find my match. Would we be surprised, disappointed or hysterical to find who it was. (fingers crossed please do not let it be cp3thingy).

if this has been done before, sorry I couldn't find it.
-- po, Dec 19 2001

Geek Code Generator http://geekcode.sourceforge.net/
Figure out what your geek code is [mwburden, Dec 19 2001, last modified Oct 05 2004]

Geek Code Decoder http://www.joereiss.net/geek/ungeek.html
Figure out what someone's geek code means [mwburden, Dec 19 2001, last modified Oct 05 2004]

HB Geek Code http://www.halfbake...om/idea/Geek_20Code
Not the same as what [mwburden] posted. [cp, Dec 24 2001, last modified Oct 05 2004]

Kibo http://www.kibo.com/
James "Kibo" Parry, the Kibo in K++++++. [jutta, Dec 24 2001]

Most of the HB geek code's based on nationality and such trivia, so it might not be great at finding your soulmate, but should find you someone you can telephone quite cheaply, which may be better.
-- pottedstu, Dec 19 2001

I say all people at the halfbakery go to the generator site and figure out their code. It is fun, and actually quite hilarious.

HBGC e p-- s++ g B A+

or by the generator...

GP dpu s+: a- C++ UL P L++ E-- W+ N+ o+ K w O-- M-- V-- PS+++ PE-- Y+ PGP+++ t+ 5- X++ R++ tv-- b+ DI+ D---- G e++++ h r y+
-- NeverDie, Dec 23 2001

You do realize that 'Halfbakery geek code' is not the same as 'geek code', right? The generator and decoder in the links are for the geek code, not the Halfbakery one.
-- StarChaser, Dec 23 2001

«do not let it be cp3thingy» I hope you're not talking about me there... have I been cloned recently without my knowledge? Are there now three [cp]s around here? A frightening thought.
-- cp, Dec 23 2001

[cp] humble apologies - it was mp9man
-- po, Dec 23 2001

Dear _po e++ p- s++ g- B+ A+ O neg. I would imagine you'd be working on becoming less surreal, or more pedantic or having a blood transfusion.

Or maybe getting into explosives.... if so, meet me under the millenium wheel next friday, 7pm. I'll be the one with the exploding newspaper. luv faceache
-- notripe, Dec 23 2001

O neg is a blood group, idiot.

next Friday, fat chance faceache.
-- po, Dec 23 2001

Yeah, I realize the 1/2 bakery code and generator are 2 different things, thats why I have them as seperate codes (although I must admit I was a little confused BEFORE I annotated).
-- NeverDie, Dec 23 2001

Dear _po

I know O neg is a blood group, I have some. The score I noted was mine. With that knowledge maybe you should read my post again.

Next friday then?

Luv faceache
-- notripe, Dec 23 2001

As I realised that we were an almost complete match, my computer crashed - no joke.

notripe, I would first like to see how you mature as a halfbaker - anyway you are never s++, bulls**t++ mebbe. nice try faceache
-- po, Dec 23 2001

you two are acting this up, I can tell. would whoever it was that emailed me about HBGC please remind me who they were? I forget. <on topic> I suppose the easiest answer is that one could search the site on (in my case) "e+ p++ s+ g- B+(+) n+ G r- E+" or some section of it to which I particularly wanted to find (or eliminate) a match. Let's see...
-- lewisgirl, Dec 23 2001

I don't play games lewis, what you see is what you get!
-- po, Dec 23 2001

Don't play games? :o(
-- DrBob, Dec 23 2001

only monopoly bob
-- po, Dec 23 2001

good question! have you an answer oh great one! sorry been sobering up bliss miss all evening, will you take over nursie duties and let me go to bed?
-- po, Dec 23 2001

Why just one type of code? You could incorporate cat codes, dog codes, dragon codes, furry codes....
-- Almafeta, Dec 14 2002

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