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Generational House-Submarine   (+3, -1)  [vote for, against]
Like a 'Generational Starship' exept underwater

This submarine comes with all the stuff you need for a generational submersion in case of fire, flood famine, nuclear disaster, or bad neighbours.

Using osmosis to gather fresh water from seawater, nuclear or other suitable long term power generation method to power hydroponics and other necessary facilities, an optional WIBNI (TM) communication device designed to work deep underwater and viola you have your very own, generational house-submarine that doesn't need to surface for at least 20 years.

Addendum: These boats are meant to be on the same scale of the admittedly expensive existing subs and produced en-mass to form smaller communities of people. Individual submarines could specialize and form lager sub-hierarchy appropriate to the situation.

Sanity also isn't an issue to Morlocks...

(Last Edited 3 March 2010)
-- xxobot, Nov 18 2007

(?) For water: subwater
water water everywhere... some of it to drink [xxobot, Nov 18 2007]

Why a submarine? Why not just a mobile island?
-- MisterQED, Nov 18 2007

For underwater use, my dear friend, and besides, the osmosis effect only works deep underwater (aka. large pressure)
-- xxobot, Nov 19 2007

From whence might one obtain:
>Medical care (think surgery, expensive medicines)
>Fairy liquid
>Internet access
>Pork scratchings

-- vincevincevince, Nov 19 2007

Nuclear subs in case of nuclear disaster. Like when a poorly maintained neighbouring vessel goes critical. I see why you want it, but I think you need a better way of providing power, like telescopic solar panels or perhaps a stirling with cold pipes extending to the deep ocean.

[vincevincevince] Each sub should have 2 or 3 hatches at one end so that they can be joined together to form communities.
-- marklar, Nov 19 2007

Vegetables from hydroponics, meat from fish, or have community vessels that specifically harbour that.

For power could use a fusion reactor or perhaps or [marklar]'s solar cell idea... exept they bob on the surface and create hydrogen for hydrogen fuel cells, then you simply dock, grab hydrogen, and begone from the surface, just to be high tech.
-- xxobot, Nov 19 2007

I think power and space are definitely the issues. Just like a generational space ship, the thing would have to be HUGE. And making something with that much volume that will withstand the pressure would be EXPENSIVE, even without the nuke. Wouldn't it be easier to convert a salt mine? Throw one of those mirror arrays on the surface and pipe the sunlight down to your safe house. That is how I think they should make bases on Mars. [marklar] The deep ocean Sterling idea is good though.
-- MisterQED, Nov 19 2007

whence might one find sanity? I think after awhile these hydronauts would go nutty.
-- RayfordSteele, Nov 19 2007

//I think after awhile these hydronauts would go nutty//
They sure as hell will, in the absence of pork scratchings.
-- AbsintheWithoutLeave, Nov 19 2007

All good engineering , training , troubleshooting and experience for learning to step off this tiny blue/green marble .
-- wjt, Nov 23 2007

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