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Another solution as to charge batteries better...

This would just be a small attachment to a normal bike. The Generator would have a little attachment that would fit onto the bike, like one of those things you see at science museums, that if you pedal loads, you'll power a lightbulb. You put something small into a little container that fits under the seat of your bike (which is connected to a wire, which is connected to the back bike wheel), like an iPod, or some batteries, the container would already have the little wires for battery charging, and for charging iPods, iRivers, whatever. You go on your bike trip and you using your bike would recharge batteries and suchlike.

This would only work for people who use their bikes a lot. Going down hills would probably give some added benefit.
-- froglet, Mar 29 2005

Bike dynamo http://www.bicyclew...967e757a7ba52765a09
This sort of thing? [moomintroll, Mar 29 2005]

Another bike generator http://www.econverg...or-Stand-s/1820.htm
They have these on amazon also. [travbm, Oct 31 2015]

A good idea, but I remember having one of these little generators when I was a kid and it was hard pressed to light up its own light bulb. Perhaps technology has improved enough.
-- Thlayli, Mar 29 2005

I fret over user names that I cannot pronounce...

Hi, the lay lee
-- po, Mar 29 2005

Baked, although so far they only power the bike's lights, I believe. They're a lot better than they used to be, though, [Thlayli] (hi, by the way).

Incidentally, are there really people who worry about the difference between an iPod and an iRiver? I speak as an iRiver owner who habitually refers to it as an iPod (although if pressed, I am able - nay, willing - nay, desperate) to wax lyrical in defence of my beloved gadget.
-- moomintroll, Mar 29 2005

I've thought a similar device could replace traditional resistance devices on excercise bikes. One big hurdle is converting the current so that it is safe and effective for your rechargables.
-- nick_n_uit, Mar 30 2005

using the chain to run a generator off a bicycle and have a support stand while you pedal has been done on youtube.
-- travbm, Oct 29 2015

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