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Product: Laser Pointer
Germicidal laser pointer   (+1, -1)  [vote for, against]
Kill germs with a swipe of the laser pointer.

An ultraviolet 250 nanometer laser pointer which comes with a set of sunglasses that blocks UV and can be used to ease your nerves when cleaning things that are undeniably gross, like the chewing gum from under a seat, or those spots from under the toilet seat.

Of course, the unfortunate effect of this is that the laser pointer is also a weapon.
-- Amishman35, Feb 14 2004

(?) Worth the expense to some... http://www.construc...m/doccatdevinl.html
Just depends on how much your toilet seat is worth. [MuddyBuddy, Oct 21 2004]

A less toxic alternative to Lysol? I like it. You'll have to be careful with that, of course.
-- Madcat, Feb 14 2004

Had enough of procreation? Do away with that tiresome fertility with the new Amishman35(TM) gamma-ray source! Sterilises all areas of the house, spouses, pets, etc.
-- hippo, Feb 15 2004

UV light emitting diodes may be converted into a germicidal light.
-- travbm, Nov 02 2015

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