Product: Countermeasure
Germicidal self-defense light   (-3)  [vote for, against]
Give them a sunburn they'll never forget.

257.4 nanometer concentrated UV light will scare away any potential crook. If it doesn't scare him away, it will give him cataracts and sunburn.
-- Amishman35, May 11 2001

Flamethrower now an option on S. African cars
Casting a man-high fireball, reportedly with no damage to the paint, the Blaster has been placed on 25 South African vehicles since its introduction last month. <Dec 1998 -Star> [StarChaser, May 11 2001]

There are scores of highly effective crime-stopping ideas that would be entirely bakable if not for the annoying fact that it can't be potentially dangerous to the innocent. Flame throwers on cars, etc. This unfortunately is one of them. Fishbone.
-- globaltourniquet, May 11 2001

This device probably doesn't have too much stopping power, unless you intend to bonk the perp with it.
-- centauri, May 11 2001

Flamethrowers on cars is baked...err, barbecued. See link.
-- StarChaser, May 12 2001

If you want to safely disable someone with radiation, visible is probably the way to go. If he's blinded, he can't chase you.

If safety isn't a concern, a quick blast of gamma rays might work wonders for years to come.
-- Macwarrior, Jan 07 2005

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