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Halfbakery: Culture
Gerry Anderson is Go!   (+14)  [vote for, against]
Well, gone actually.

The creator of Thunderbirds, Stingray, Captain Scarlet, Joe 90, Supercar, Terrahawks, UFO & Space 1999 (amongst others) has been claimed by the great SuperMarionator in the sky. He was a massive childhood influence for me, so thank you Mr Anderson for a lifetime of entertainment and fantastic ideas.

Oh, and purveyor of the best opening title sequences in the history of television!
-- DrBob, Dec 26 2012

Gerry Anderson
[DrBob, Dec 26 2012]

Thunderbirds theme
[DrBob, Dec 26 2012]

Joe 90 theme!
[DrBob, Dec 26 2012]

Captain Scarlet end credits
[DrBob, Dec 26 2012]

Stingray intro
[DrBob, Dec 26 2012]

UFO opening titles
[DrBob, Dec 26 2012]

Fireball XL5
Years ahead of its time.... Totally fabulous [xenzag, Dec 27 2012]

-- MaxwellBuchanan, Dec 26 2012

-- 8th of 7, Dec 27 2012


Thunderbirds showed here.
-- FlyingToaster, Dec 27 2012

? [.]
-- Letsbuildafort, Dec 27 2012

^^ oh definitely, 1960's; never heard of the other ones 'til the Internet (and Joe 90 'til just now). "Team America: World Police" movie was a spoof of the genre.
-- FlyingToaster, Dec 27 2012

-- nineteenthly, Dec 27 2012

Much loved and cherished. I was a total addict of Fireball XL5 and everything that followed.
-- xenzag, Dec 27 2012

puppets in the cave box

how squinty would halfbakers be really
-- rcarty, Dec 27 2012

I don't believe it's possible to watch an episode of UFO without being disappointed in the way the future has worked out.
-- MaxwellBuchanan, Dec 27 2012

Well all the easy things happened like women in tight pants.
-- rcarty, Dec 27 2012

Team America is supposed to make you feel like that, 21Q. It's a piss take.
-- DrBob, Dec 28 2012

Thunderbirds was pretty good at establishing tension/excitment (at least, in my preteen mind), which was impressive given the fact that the "actors" could only use voice, lower lip and bodywobble.
-- calum, Dec 28 2012

On UFO, I never understood why the moon base babes dressed in purple wigs and silver mini dresses. Looked it up... no explanation was ever made, evidently..

Liked it though.
-- Kansan101, Dec 28 2012

Well, when I were a wee lad, I never realised that the crew of International Rescue were anything *but* real. So it seemed to have worked well enough, for kids.
-- BunsenHoneydew, Dec 30 2012

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