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Celebrate Easter in style

Every Easter I wake up to these wee capsules of delight, the box normally consists of: One large hollow egg and two/three small 'creme' filled eggs (about the size of a golf ball).

Now, surely the world would be a better place to live in were there a premium version available, where the large egg was full of creme too. I forsee that the surrounding chocolate eggshell would have to be made slightly thicker, do I hear any objections? Yes it would be expensive, but I believe the market would definately be there.
-- Cunninglinguist, Apr 16 2004

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With that much sugar you'd end up standing up in your sleep.
-- skinflaps, Apr 16 2004

With creme on your sheets.
-- FarmerJohn, Apr 16 2004

A friend told me he got something similar in the States. It took him about 3 days to eat.

Can't beat Cadbury's though, so +
-- silverstormer, Apr 16 2004

I'm trying to tackle the problem of keeping it fresh, should the lucky customer be unable to devour it on one sitting (perish the thought).

An upturned spoon a la wine maybe?
-- Cunninglinguist, Apr 16 2004

You may also wish to purchase the chocolate toast fingers to dip in your egg.
-- skinflaps, Apr 16 2004

This came up on Virgin radio breakfast show yesterday morning. It was the idea of one of the presenters, so either [Cunninglinguist] is said radio presenter or this is an unoriginal idea. I'll assume the former and pastrify as I'm a fan of both the show and the creme egg.
-- stupop, Apr 16 2004

Seems like this is either a "me too" or "consumer advice" as defined in the help file.
-- krelnik, Apr 16 2004

I wonder how many Cool Hand Luke could manage of these confectionery nightmares.
-- po, Apr 16 2004

As it appears to have already been concieved, I apologise whole-heartedly to the person of its origins. (I have had this idea for a number of years, curse my laziness).

I don't listen to Virgin Radio.

[Tabs]- A mere mistake, not plagiarism.
-- Cunninglinguist, Apr 16 2004


I need one right now!
-- DesertFox, May 14 2004

A virgin radio?
-- k_sra, May 14 2004

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