Public: Pillow Fight
Giant exploding mattress   (+2)  [vote for, against]
It's a aerial display of pillow combat

A giant multi layered bouncing mattress attached to a large air compressor with pneumatic powered springs attached at the base of the mattress.

The springs come into action as the mattress explodes layer by layer, hurling twenty to thirty people into the air equipped with feather filled pillows and crash helmets, pillow fight ensues, with all landing upon the next layer.

If your pillow bursts in a flurry of feathers, you bounce off into the safety nets provided at the sides.

Truly a public event, where the last person who lands on the last non exploding bouncy layer with a fully *intact* pillow is proclaimed the winner.
-- skinflaps, Mar 04 2004

this sounds like fun, and also an injury lawsuit
-- echo, Mar 04 2004

You don't have to wear a suit.
-- skinflaps, Mar 05 2004

This is a trully silly game...I'd love to play it :-)
-- PauloSargaco, Mar 05 2004

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