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Coming to a shopping centre near you, just in time for Christmas...


1) insert card into ATM 2) select account 3) input PIN (NB: not PANIC pin) 4) select occasion from list (incl. Christmas, Wedding Gift etc) 5) select denomination (approx 10 seconds elapses) 6) collect neatly gift wrapped notes

voila. neatly wrapped notes, perfect for your grandchild's birthday card
-- seedy em, Nov 12 2003

<obligatory rant about the lack of imagination in giving money as a gift>
-- DrCurry, Nov 13 2003

un beknown to you - there is 100 x what you imagined giving in that package. serves you right.
-- po, Nov 13 2003

Being a terrible giftwraper, I was hoping this would be a machine that could wrap you presents for you after you buy them at the shopping center...
-- KLRico, Nov 14 2003

What DrCurry said. Pretty though. (The idea, not DrC.)
-- Fishrat, Nov 15 2003

Curry is passable in a certain light!
-- po, Nov 15 2003

Infrared, perhaps.
-- krelnik, Nov 15 2003

Hey, if you want to give me money as a gift, I won't be offended.
-- half, Nov 15 2003

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