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Day-glo tofu

This product would come in eye-catching colors that kids love. Fluorescent dye (edible) makes the tofu glow. Parents cut the tofu into cubes and heap them in bowls like Jell-o.(see link)

The boring details - Potable fluorescent dye is available (see link.) The dye would be added right in the tofu factory, so the dye becomes a part of the tofu.

Can tofu shooters be far behind?

I'd like to see a striped version too. This would require special tofu molds at the factory.
-- robinism, Mar 27 2005

Potable fluorescent dye http://www.riskreac...ter_Tracer_Dyes.htm
[robinism, Mar 27 2005]

Jell-o cubes http://www.shirleyq...cs/images/jello.jpg
This is the look we're going for [robinism, Mar 27 2005, last modified Apr 10 2005]

More info about day-glo colors
[robinism, Mar 27 2005]

Brilliant[+]! I'll add some of that dye to the rice at work and bring in some blacklights. It'll be psychedelic sushi night.
-- jaksplat, Mar 27 2005

So what happens takes the back exit? Does THAT glow?
-- AfroAssault, Mar 27 2005

Groovy. So it can be done.
-- nineteenthly, Mar 27 2005

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