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Contacts With Fiber optics = Glowing eyes

These novelty Contact lenses with an attached fiber optic link emit diffused light around the perimeter into the cornea of the eye at an oblique angle which causes the light to bounce off the iris and results in glowing iris's. Perfect for Halloween, plays and any other situation in which you want to freak somebody out.
-- jhomrighaus, Mar 17 2007

ahem... fibre_20optic_20eyelashes
[po, Mar 18 2007]

so you'll have a fiber optic thread coming out of your eye? Um, no thanks.

How about this instead:
UV-reactive contact lenses and a small, unobtrusive UV light emitter on the bridge of your nose (could be fiber optic, to place the source elsewhere). Of course, the lens would have a UV-filter layer somewhere between the eye and the reactive layer.
-- Freefall, Mar 17 2007

It would have to be like a big, slack, loopy, obvious fiber optic wire, too, since your eyes dart around so quickly, and it has to stay attached to the iris area. Bleh.
-- Smurfsahoy, Mar 18 2007

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