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Discloses whether you grind your teeth at night.

A device something like a mouth guard (only it doesn't need to be custom-made) that has a coating of material that changes color permanently when deformed by pressure. You wear it while sleeping (that's the hard part -- it needs to be comfortable enough without being custom-made). Discloses whether you really do grind your teeth at night, and thus whether to go to the expense and bother of getting a custom-made mouth guard (or whatever they call those things).

4 out of 5 dentists like this idea.
-- syost, Mar 08 2000

as someone with a long history of grinding his teeth down to stubs, i find this idea unnecessary. when you wake up and your jaw aches like you were just eating the world's toughest briskette, you dont need a mood ring in your mouth to tell you anything.
-- rhino, Mar 10 2000

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