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Sport: Golf: Equipment
Golf Tee Shooter   (+4, -1)  [vote for, against]
Shoots golf tee into turf

Load up the Golf Tee Shooter with a tee. Aim it at the ground. Pull trigger. Tee goes into turf and you didn't have to bend over.
-- juliec2, Aug 30 2000

Also useful for slaying very small vampires.
-- centauri, Aug 30 2000

Actually centauri it would be very useful if used against the guy who is beating you by one shot , just as he is about to tee off...

But seriously, I think something like this could be very helpful. Perhaps not in the form of a tee shooter (as I imagine juliec2's to be) but perhaps a hollow shaft with spring mechanism inside that when released (when in contact with the ground) drove the tee in.

I have played on some courses where the ground was so hard, in summer, that the standing joke on each tee was "pass the drill please".

For people who don't like to (or can't easily) bend over, the other end of the shaft could hold the ball which would then be released onto the tee by a trigger mechanism.

Still, you could just get the caddy to....
-- Alcin, Aug 31 2000

I took a hammer once.
-- thumbwax, Oct 05 2000

There is little enough exercise routinely involved in the game of Golf. Please, don't give people yet another reason to NOT bend over. We already have suction cups to retrieve balls from the cup, thereby eliminating at a minimum 18 "bends", out a a possible 36...this does, of course, eliminate the "lie improvement "bends" which cannot be done with the club head or foot.
-- chili2k, Jan 17 2001

They actually sell gigantic tees (that would be useful for slaying all vampires), at a lot of golf shops. I laughed when saw them, but somebody explained to me that they are made for older players, which makes sense. I think the average age out on the course in Florida is about 107, so I think the Metamucil crowd would get some decent mileage out of this.
-- latka, May 15 2003

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