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Product: Clock: Chime
Gong Clock   (0)  [vote for, against]
A Grandfather Clock that strikes a gong on the hour, (almost) every hour

The gong clock contains two sections. The Grandfather clock section, and the Gong section.

The Grandfather clock section has a large, padded hammer, hinged to it. The hammer has a chain attached, so that it lies at 90 degrees to Grandfather Clock. Attached to the other end of the chain is the clock mechanism, by way of a clutch, of course. The clock mechanism lets the chain go on the hour, and the hammer falls to teh vertical position, hitting the gong.

As the hour goes on, the chain is wound up again, ready to create another loud crash.

To stop the gong from sounding, simply take the clutch off.
-- tyskland, Nov 20 2002

Poor artists impression
Front view, then side view. Chain attached to hammer; not shown. [tyskland, Oct 04 2004]

Usage: to / two / too
-- snarfyguy, Nov 20 2002

Apologies, English is my third language.
-- tyskland, Nov 20 2002

No apologies necessary, and good on ya for multilingualism!
-- snarfyguy, Nov 20 2002

I wish I spoke my third language as well as you speak english

am unsure how this works - do an illustration and you have a place in the hall of fame!
-- po, Nov 20 2002

[tyskland]: Are your first two languages German and Swedish, by any chance?
-- pmillerchip, Nov 21 2002

Close, German and Norwegian.
-- tyskland, Nov 21 2002

Ah, that is close! I just knew that the Swedish word for Germany was "Tyskland", that's all - I guess the Norwegian word must be the same, given the similiarities bewteen Norwegian and Swedish. How I knew that in the first place, though, is a long story...

Good idea though, croissant from me!
-- pmillerchip, Nov 21 2002

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