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Astronaut food -- one step beyond!

After making dinner, I was struck with how unreasonably long it takes to (1) prepare food, (2) actually cook it, and (3) wash up afterwards. Astronaut food doesn't have those problems, but it's all so bland and healthy. Hence, "Goo."

To make "Goo," take something that young male bachelors would like to eat, like steak, or baked potato, or apple pie. Blend the hell out of it. Add lots of bad-for-you stuff like salt and/or sugar and/or caffeine. Liberally season with preservatives, until you have something (like a twinkie) that'll keep for years without refrigeration. Then sell it in toothpaste tubes. Instant food gratification, with no dishes to wash.

I think something like this could sell among young men, especially those who work with computers. "Decaf Goo" could be the first spin-off.
-- Uncle Nutsy, Jul 12 2000

but no caffeine [chud, Mar 10 2002, last modified Oct 04 2004]

calorie mate http://www.strapya-.../img10062780781.jpg
generic food. doesn't taste bad at all. comes in cheese, chocolate, and neutral. totally balanced. [Voice, Apr 18 2010]

No Sh*t!
[mouseposture, Apr 18 2010]

I was amazed to discover recently (looking for some food to entice an ill cat) how many flavors of baby food there are, including lots of traditional bachelor food items. (I saw "philly cheese steak" and "pizza"...)

Baby food is probably still a little too healthy,but mix in some salt and butter and you might have something.

(They aren't laced with preservatives, but they are canned, and they do come in bite-sized bottles...)
-- egnor, Jul 12 2000

I actually enjoy preparing and cooking food but I'd gladly trade them away for something that ended the curse of washing up forever. I'll have a large vat of goo please.
-- DrBob, Jul 17 2000

In Japan this goo is called "miso."
-- Vance, Jan 31 2001

you eat straight miso out of the jar? you might be a marmite-liker.

i had a swedish roomate in college who ate bright pink caviar out of a tube. he somtimes squirted it on a giant round pizza-sized cracker called a knackerbread or something. it came wrapped in beautiful blue paper with an ornate white design. if i could find that knacker-thingy and a tube of caviargoo, i would give the gift package to all my friends.
-- gnormal, Feb 15 2001

gnormal: You can get it all in Ikea. (Disappointingly, it's not real caviar but dyed cod roe.)
-- Gordon Comstock, Feb 15 2001

Heaven forbid some people should like to chew. Fishbone.
-- sam, Dec 16 2001

I'd rather chew goo than fishbone, sam.
-- bristolz, Dec 16 2001

They have this. It's called tofu.
-- RayfordSteele, Dec 31 2001

baked as sports/energy gel by at least one company (but not salt/sugar/caffeineised)
-- chud, Mar 10 2002

Exactly what problem are you solving by blending everything? If you want food with no preparation and no wash-up, go buy ready meals. The blending part would just make everything taste and feel boring and mushy. I want my pizza crust crusty and the tomato sauce juicy, not all blended together. Most definitely a fishbone.
-- herilane, Apr 10 2002

In defense of the idea, the "normal" approach to "no wash- up" (instant ramen, pizza, other take-out) involves prepared foods, and, often, take-out/take-away: that's expensive and doesn't really eliminate the clean-up (it just transfers the clean-up responsibility to whoever takes out the trash). The advantage of this idea is that the goo comes in bulk: it'd be cheap, and without much packaging to dispose of.

That said, the idea doesn't really appeal to me. If I had a kitchen full of this stuff, I'd quickly reach a state of equilibrium in which I was famished, but not *quite* famished enough to overcome my revulsion for the Goo.

One possible advantage would be this: if formulated correctly, Goo might eliminate bowel movements <link>
-- mouseposture, Apr 18 2010

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