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Google Colour   (+18, -4)  [vote for, against]
Exactly what shade is 'papayawhip'?

Just type in the name of a colour into the Google search bar, and get a screenful (as well as all the RGB, CMYK values, pantone numbers etc)
-- zen_tom, Dec 21 2005

This helped me find "buff"
[Worldgineer, Dec 21 2005]

Color code tool
[Shz, Dec 21 2005]

This is papaya whip http://pics.drugsto...img/84893/fancy.jpg
Per, well, Google. [DrCurry, Dec 21 2005]

This is papayawhip
Again, per Google. [DrCurry, Dec 21 2005]

This is papaya whip http://douweosinga....tence=papaya%20whip
Google [Worldgineer, Dec 22 2005]

[Worldgineer, Dec 22 2005]

colours on the screen vary between monitors so while this is a good idea (and is getting a bun) it may not be completely accurate
-- miasere, Dec 21 2005

Perhaps, but with something like the prefix "col:" behind it, like when you're searching for a definition.
-- Honduras, Dec 21 2005

//papayawhip// dunno about the shade but it sounds delicious.
-- po, Dec 21 2005

////papayawhip// dunno about the shade but it sounds delicious// Sounds painful to me!
-- coprocephalous, Dec 21 2005

... as in whipped cream
-- po, Dec 21 2005

For some reason I thought that this was going to be a tool where you scanned in a picture and sent it to Google to colour in for you, but this makes much more sense. Google now does a similar thing with music (try searching for Elton John) so this would be easy to implement, I'm sure. Well done also on putting the 'u' in 'colour'.
-- dbmag9, Dec 22 2005

I'm fairly sure that he didn't start the "u" in color trend. I think it was Charlemange, or Henry the 8th.
-- notmarkflynn, Dec 22 2005

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