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Using a plugin for Google Earth, this for this WW2 bomber simulation allows players to flyover anywhere on the planet and unload their bombs. Explosions and damage are superimposed on google maps. Remember to account for wind resistance while targeting!
-- simonj, Jun 22 2009

Add_20CGI_20peril_2..._20Olympic_20events [hippo, Jun 22 2009]

Battle Isle version Google_20Maps_20Shoot_20Em_20up
[loonquawl, Jun 22 2009]

Existing easter egg http://googlesystem...ter-egg-flight.html
[fridge duck, Jun 22 2009]

Google Earth Artillery Google_20Earth_20Artillery
Similar scheme. [bungston, Jun 22 2009]

Google Nukes
Select a city and annihilate it with your choice of anything from a suitcase bomb to Tsar Bomba herself; even hit it with an asteroid the size of which is thought to have knocked dinosaurs' teeth out. [swimswim, Jun 29 2009]

i distinctly remember an idea about virtually bombing in GE, and playing tank wars in GE. I only found [link] on searching, though
-- loonquawl, Jun 22 2009

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