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Goth Crunch   (+20)  [vote for, against]
Turns milk utterly black

Free! Something sharp inside!!! Like the piercing pain of your bedraggled soul.

A cereal with black crunchy corn puff ankhs and marshmallows like, crimson hearts, black roses, green thorns, white fangs and purple cloaks.

Kids will remember the Jingle

Misty innocent milk
Corrupted by the darkness
Of my tainted soul

I laugh at the weeping
Of my complete sadness
Waterlogged and soggy

My life is a gelid bowl
And my spoon digs me deeper
Into a pit of dispair
-- sartep, Sep 14 2003

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Much gloomier than Count Chocula.
-- thumbwax, Sep 14 2003

Promoted in black and white commercials.
-- FarmerJohn, Sep 14 2003

-- waugsqueke, Sep 14 2003

mmmmm, goth
-- dickity, Sep 14 2003

what dickity said.
-- po, Sep 14 2003

Got goth milk?

The milk-moustache would look like the real thing…+
-- TIB, Sep 14 2003

Hallowheaties, I love it.
-- 2 fries shy of a happy meal, Sep 14 2003

Think of all the goth children you have just made sadder (and therefore happier). Good for you. Love the jingle! +
-- k_sra, Sep 15 2003

People would notice the stack of black-tinged bowls waiting to be washed. +
-- DRstrathmore, Sep 15 2003

is almost
-- 2 fries shy of a happy meal, Sep 15 2003

as bright as
-- DeathNinja, Sep 15 2003

my spoon.
-- Utah, Sep 15 2003

So give
-- swamilad, Sep 15 2003

it up for Sartep! Yah! Sartep!
-- bungston, Sep 16 2003

lost inside my
-- DeathNinja, Sep 16 2003

my bowl
-- sub_text, Sep 16 2003

the milk, that has
-- Utah, Sep 16 2003

been tainted
-- sub_text, Sep 16 2003

Does it taste like the bitter ashes of life?
-- Tabbyclaw, Sep 16 2003

I am touched, thanks. (sniff)

Like yellow pus on flacid pink lips
The Autoboneur prickles and tickles
My morbid sucrose thoughts
Oh, slings! Oh, arrows!
Your individually sanitized thorny tears
Tear at my overburdened heart
But I rise out of the fiery ashes
Like a brimstone phoenix
So, nyeah! Thwwwppppit!
-- sartep, Sep 16 2003

For sartep: a crescent dough-moon, dark and sodden. +
-- Tiger Lily, Sep 16 2003

I want to vote for this twice.
-- custardlove, Sep 16 2003

Congrats, [sartep], you're number two on this month's top list. Sorry I can't share my list... it's unreadable for some reason.
-- k_sra, Sep 16 2003

This month has a top list?
-- sartep, Sep 16 2003

-- tatju, Sep 16 2003

No, no, TIB..."Goth milk?" I haveth thy milk.

It's all so stupid.I'm going to drown myself in my namebrand commercial cereal now...
-- Eugene, Sep 16 2003

Is there anyone attached for the box design? Or does it come in a little coffin?
-- Vexxy, Sep 16 2003

First time looking at the bakery in 2 weeks, welcomed back by this. Ahhh, life is good. +
-- kevindimie, Sep 16 2003

hhhmmm found something black in the fridge tonight. eeewwww!
-- po, Sep 16 2003

= 25th on the best idea list.
-- sufc, Sep 17 2003

You just don't get it, Dad.
-- Vexxy, Sep 17 2003

[sartep] has brain controlling devices? that would explain a lot!

(Oh, and I did manage to get a top ten list up there for you, see [link].)
-- k_sra, Sep 17 2003

//Or am I the only one who hasn't been affected by sartep's brain controlling device yet?//

Ha ha, perish the thought. But, IF there WAS a brain controlling device, could you perhaps, in theory, tell me why it might NOT affect you? Are you near any major power lines or surrounded by lead water pipes? Does anyone else feel like they aren't affected by any mind control devices?

When you do a Google search for 'cereal turns milk black' Goth Crunch appears at the top of the list. That in itself is unique.

See links above (currently putting them in if you don't see them now). Kewl, K sra.
-- sartep, Sep 17 2003

Coco Puffs and Coco Pebbles turn the milk sort of dark brown.
-- DeathNinja, Sep 17 2003

If my mandibles aren't black then I don't want it as my cereal.
-- sartep, Sep 17 2003

Woah, that's the web for you. I do not know a karina. Totally, snagged off this HB page that was. I guess that's why I don't put my stand-up up here and why I have copyrighted more stuff in the past.
-- sartep, Sep 18 2003

Wow, that mind control stuff is really starting to spread...
-- k_sra, Sep 18 2003

<waits for influx of goths> I said that like it was a bad thing.
-- po, Sep 18 2003

Is it REALLY though, when you think about it?

Oh dispair! What evil hath I unleashed?
-- sartep, Sep 18 2003

well it's dispair or dat one... oh, we're not talking about the goats anymore are we?

You've managed to hit this month's top. Congrats.
-- k_sra, Sep 18 2003 long as the goths are of the clown hating kind, they are very welcome as far as I am concerned. Hmmmm....clown crunch; with added clown feet...
-- silverstormer, Sep 18 2003

(dag) The goth lyric generator link is something I've known about for about a year. Its one that I decided not to add to the links list and music resources list on a music management website I set up.
-- sufc, Sep 19 2003

Could we have the box utter a sigh every time it's opened? If not, I guess the consumers will supply their own...
-- Overpanic, Sep 25 2003

Fang-friendly corn puffs
-- Letsbuildafort, Dec 09 2003

Now with carbonated blood caps! A pop-rock-like candy bit that crackles, sputters and bleeds.

Send in 30 proofs of purchase and 10 USD to get a bigger leather bound box to keep your Goth Crunch in.
-- sartep, Dec 09 2003

those 5 people who gave you a [-] should be ashamed of theirselves
-- dickity, Dec 12 2003

It's probably a goth compliment.
-- k_sra, Dec 12 2003

How did I miss this the first time round?
Simply Beautiful. (Will be digging out some old photos and my Sisters of Mercy LPs)
-- gnomethang, Dec 12 2003

Ha! It probably is, K. Thank you, gnome and dickity.
-- sartep, Dec 12 2003

Wow, this is really dumb...
-- bspollard, May 24 2004

^_^ I like it! ;) Would be fun sitting on the shelf next to my Bloody O's. =P Parents will be like "Which creepy cereal did little Johnny want?" Baffled and confused. MWAHAHAHAHAHA!! [+]
-- Robyn Silverwolfe, Jun 17 2004

Robyn, when you say Johnny, would that be a reference to the wonderful Johnny the Homicidal Maniac? But i love this cereal, especially if it IS fang friendly.
-- Urban Kayaker, Jun 18 2004

Perfect for the depressed!
-- DesertFox, Jun 18 2004

//fang friendly// Yes, fruit loops must get stuck around vampires' fangs.
-- Worldgineer, Jun 18 2004

I think (not often) that Kats are quite naturally Goth.
-- The Kat, Jun 19 2004

I have a few examples of that being true. (see link)
-- sartep, Jun 20 2004

I'm just realizing how many ideas will need to be churned to the top to get the votes they deserve... Which leads to my next question: should we churn our own ideas or wait for others to churn them? <scratches chin>
-- k_sra, Oct 04 2004

+ from me. the first after the reinbunation...
-- po, Oct 04 2004

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