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Gradient Tog Duvet   (+4)  [vote for, against]
Tapered quilt

Sleeping under a conventional, constant-tog duvet, the only method of regulating temperature is in binary: either expose a limb to the cold room air, or don't.

Not so with the Gradient Tog Duvet. Much wider than the bed, it begins as the thickest, plushest quilt you could ever desire, but thins across its width all the way down to a single sheet. Now your temperature control is continuously variable -- to warm up, pull from the left; to cool down, pull from the right.

The double bed version is thickest in the middle, and tapers in both directions (a 'reflected' gradient, in Photoshop terminology).
-- mitxela, Jan 14 2016

Yes but is it a linear or exponential gradient?
-- hippo, Jan 14 2016

What if there are two in the bed?
-- AngelEleven, Jan 14 2016

[AngelEleven], clearly, the Little One would say 'Roll over, I'm crowded', no?!
-- Sgt Teacup, Jan 14 2016

Until you fall out!!
-- Sgt Teacup, Jan 14 2016

//linear or exponential gradient?// Depends if you measure thickness or insulativity.
-- pocmloc, Jan 15 2016

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